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A programming series I’ve been following for a while now: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/

I discovered this series through Gary Benhardt’s various conference talks.

There’s a lot of video content available online for programming, but I feel the majority is quite entry-level. I really like Gary’s videos as they’re pitched perfectly for someone who’s already comfortable with the basics, explores some great topics, and are produced very well.

I finally bought a subscription today so that I could get access to all the screencasts. The subscription cost is high, but what’s great is that they’re all fully downloadable for offline viewing, so if you’re aim is to just get the full catalog of videos, then you just need to make a single payment.

I’ll update this post with my favourites as I watch them!

Talks I want to watch:

Functional Core, Imperative Shell/Boundaries are two versions of the same talk. One of the best talks I have ever seen on software development, articulates some really great concepts about software design

The “stubs and mocks” sections, together, are really good: Gary is a fan of mocking, and many people aren’t. He talks a lot about why, and how to properly mock things.